Hucho/Huchen fly fishing flies were developed and designed to fish for big predatory fish closer to the bottom. Weight of flies is 0.28oz (8g). Single fly in length 5.9 inches (15cm). Jointed (double) 8.6 inches (22cm).

Floating or slow sinking can also be ordered for shallow water or fishing slow moving rivers or lakes with fast sinking lines or sinking heads.

Targeted species would mostly be: Hucho, Huchen, Pike, Zander, Catfish, Musky, Taimen, Marble trout, Bull trout, Trout, Arapaima, Tiger fish, Dorado.

Ideally combined with Huchen fishing lines for maximum performance.


Jointed (double) 8.6 inches (22cm).


Single fly in length 5.9 inches (15cm).


Hucho/Huchen fly, tube mouse pattern 10cm (3,9 inch)


Hucho/Huchen blue gold tube fly, streamer 15cm (5,9 inch)


Hucho/Huchen tube fly, black gold minnow, 15cm (5,9 inch)


Hucho/Huchen flash, tube streamer fly, 15cm (5,9 inch)


Hucho/Huchen, blue black tube fly, streamer, 15cm (5,9 inch)